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Water Therapy - Thalassotherapy - Hydrotherapy - Spas -  Aquacise - Water Exercise - Balneotherapy - Watsu  What makes you feel good in water - A Personal View.... Upgrade an Above Ground Pool to Swim-Spa ?

1)    Heat of the water (for me water at about 34C in winter and 27C to 32C is a complete relaxer, at that temperature worry,  stress, pressure, tension etc. just disappears) [hot pool = small water volume = packaged swim-spa or small insulated pool + heat pump + enclosure in winter]

2)     Sun, Light, and the Open Air (getting cool when the air is hot, feeling the heat of the sun, not being enclosed) [you can't beat the sea or an open air pool when the weather is fine - indoor pools & spas in wooden huts/sheds/gazebos are definitely second best - enclosures you can fully slide/stack/remove are a way of getting the best of both worlds]

3)    Space to Stretch Out in All Directions, Exercise Vigorously or Gently, and Share the Space with Others (having enough space to move randomly and feel the weight removed from your body) [in a conventional spa tub or spa bath you can only really sit or lay out in a restricted manner - in a swim spa you have room to swim in a linear sense - but other space is restricted to limit the volume of water to that which can be heated by a conventional electric heater] (the "Sea-Hammock" or "Aquatic Therapy Hammock" is ideal for stretching and relaxing)

4)    Good Water Quality (low chlorine levels, the ability to have a salt water pool to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis) [a domestic pool can have a lower contamination load than a commercial pool/spa and therefore have different water treatment, for example salt water chlorinators work with a level of salt too low to taste, extracting the chlorine in the salt and using it to sanitise the pool, thus resulting in a lower, constant chlorine level in the pool and consequently the ability to bathe for longer periods, (titanium rather than stainless steel components in pumps and heaters are generally recommended for salt water pools).

5)   Bubbles and Water Jets (for me standing in front of a powerful underwater jet is great, and picking the spot where it pummels the skin is superb, as is the feeling of being picked up moved round a pool  - I'm a great fan of "lazy rivers" so I love the Badu-Jet Action on my 12ft diameter Doughboy seen in the pictures. On a round pool the current goes down the centre and returns round the side. The Badu-Jet has an adjustable air intake so you can turn the pool into a frothing maelstrom - which is also great.  To me the water and air jets on a spa bath or spa tub are dull by comparison.

6)    Swimming (of course - but only one of the things that make you feel good in water, and for most people swimming "lengths" is only really possible at their local sports club or leisure centre)

In 2006 I wrote an article about upgrading an above ground pool to a Swim-Spa Above Ground Pool to Swim-Spa    To me upgrading an above ground pool in the way suggested gives a more affordable way of attaining the benefits above.

Since the article was written the Pleasure-Domes have received  a tremendous amount of interest across Europe and the USA, but so far I'm still trying to find a partner to share in the costs of bringing them to market.         (May 2007)







Pictures above are of my 12 ft diameter insulated Doughboy pool in Summer.  Swimming against the Badu-Jet and my wife and son relaxing in the Sea-Hammocks.