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Use for traffic barrier, cycle wheel holder, marine railing, garden seat or table frame etc.

These are made from Stainless Steel Tube which has been bent into a "C" or "goalmouth" shape.  The stainless steel is 304 grade which makes it immune to attack by virtually everything apart from some acids, and is in a "bright" finish.  The tube is 1.5 inch outside diameter and 16 gauge which is around 1.5mm wall thickness, so massive and very strong. The hoops were bent from an original tube length of 1.5m.  The radius of the bends is approx 70mm. The centres of the "legs" of the "goalmouth" are 550mm apart to the centre line, and the "goalmouth" stands 520mm high to the centre line. Each hoop weighs 1.85kg

These stainless steel hoops were originally components for  "Sea Hammocks" suitable for use in saline hot spring hydro-therapy baths, but the order was unfortunately cancelled.  Current "Sea Hammocks" are made with either an aluminium or plastic frame.

Obviously the stainless steel could have a variety of uses.  It could be used as street furniture, concreted into the entrance to a pathway to prevent its use by motor cars.  Two hoops could be concreted in to a base close together to retain a bicycle wheel. We also have a number of clamps and fittings so that a smaller tube can telescope out from the larger tube or two hoops can be placed at right angles to each other.  It would be fairly easy to put a number of the hoops together to make corrosion resistant tables, chairs, benches, lockers etc.  The hoops could be cut and welded to make "A" frames for boats etc.



20 each plus 10 per order p&p

Please enquire !


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